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STEP 1 – Create an account and join at your desired level.
STEP 2 – Tell others about PCM.
STEP 3 – YOU get paid when you refer paid members!



# of Leads

Commission Rate


Admin Fee





















Members joining at $3500 get automatically bumped up to $10,000 level.  Members can opt out of the auto upgrade by notifying admin within 24 hrs. after joining.






Members joining at $10,000 get automatically bumped to $20,000 level.  Members can opt out of the auto upgrade by notifying admin within 24 hrs. after joining.






Members joining at $20,000 do not pass up any sales.

Leads come on peel-n-stick labels.


1-Up Comp Plan Notes:

A) Members will pass up at least one sale (it could be more than one based on the explanation in "B" below).

B) Members must pass up an amount equal to their entry level.  This means that in some cases members must pass up more than one sale and/or a partial sale.  Example:

Member "Mike" joins at $3500 and is automatically positioned at $10,000.  Mike must pass-up $10,000 total in order to be "qualified" to keep any commissions.  In this example, if Mike refers only $1000 members, Mike will need to pass up 10 total sales in order to be qualified to keep any commissions.  If Mike were to refer 9 PCM members at $1000 each and then 1 member at $3500, Mike would be qualified and earn 90% commission on the total dollar amount generated above $10,000 (in this example it would be 90% of $2500 or $2250).

C) Members can only earn commissions (once qualified) up to the level of their entry in the program. 
Qualified Definition:  To become "qualified" a member must pass up the dollar amount equal to their level in the program. 


Member "Bob" is fully qualified at the $1000 level.  Bob refers Susan who joins at $3500.  Bob will earn commissions on the $1000 and the remaining $2500 will roll-up to the next qualified person at the $3500 level or higher.


How It Works?



If you are interested to join our program, click Join now and fill out the form as complete as possible! You can enter your preferred username, first and last name, country, contact number as well as your working and valid email address. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and launch your business today!

Income Disclaimer:  This is not a "get-rich-quick" program.  In fact, there is no guarantee of income or implied income.  If you want a guaranteed income you need to get a job.  This is not a job.  You might not make any money at all; results will vary.  

Refund Policy: There are absolutely no refunds and no charge backs of any kind.

Full Disclosure:  There is absolutely no guarantee that our opportunity seeker leads will be responsive to our offer or any other offer.  The responsiveness of leads varies greatly and therefore we offer no indication of any kind that there is an "average" response rate.  It's possible there might be a 0% response.  Some addresses may bounce back for various reasons.  If this happens, members can mail returned postcards (with PCM leads on them) back to the PCM home office at PO Box 652 Monroe WA 98272.  PCM will replace any bounced back leads in an amount double to what is sent in.  Therefore if 20 cards are returned, PCM will mail you 40 leads.

FAQ Section:

1) Can we use PCM leads to market any program?  Yes.  These leads are great for promoting network marketing programs, mail order programs, direct sales programs, affiliate programs and other work from home opportunities.

2) Does PCM offer a "capture page" for online marketing?  No.  PCM highly recommends each member create a custom capture page to best stand out in the market place.  We highly recommend a service on the inside member area.  This is a third-party site and currently they offer a capture page service for $18/mo.  PCM does offer an affiliate site for each member.  Online marketing is not required.

3) Members have the option of joining at $3500 or $10,000 and not taking the free upgrade outlined in the 1-Up Comp Plan Chart above.    Members must notify admin within 24 hours of joining to declare they want to decline the free upgrade.

3) Is this a member to member payment program?  No.  All members pay admin.  Admin collects all payments.

4) How are commissions paid?  Commissions are paid after a 5-day holding period.  Members can get paid by check or PayPal.

5) Where do the leads we are purchasing come from?  We buy leads in bulk from several reputable vendors and pass the savings on to you.  We have about 5 lead sources we cycle thru.

6) What is the PCM product?  PCM offers opportunity seeker leads and video guided training for people in the work from home business industry (this includes network marketing, affiliate programs, direct sales, mail order programs, etc.).

7) Is the PCM product a "real product"?  Yes.  It takes time, energy, money and industry expertise to generate home business opportunity seeker leads.  Many industries rely on having a targeted lead source to direct their marketing efforts at.  It only makes sense to spend your marketing dollars showing your product/services to people in your niche.  Our opportunity seeker leads are perfect for those promoting work from home business offers.

8) Are there any restrictions to the marketing?  Yes.  Members caught making false promises, quoting statistics on leads or engaging in any unethical marketing practices will be terminated from the program with no refund.  We encourage members to check with admin to get approval on all marketing.

9)  Are postcards included?  No.  See pricing info inside site for postcards.



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